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He Calls Me Beautiful Like Its A Name
sunflymedic wrote in virtuemoir
Inspired by Tessa's quote of scott being her confidante, rock and biggest supporter

Montreal - Present Day

As she stood in her bathroom, waiting for the tub to fill, she stands at the sink trying to erase the day's worth of make up from all the interviews. Looking in the mirror she looks exhausted. Each interview wanted a different look so that meant an outfit change and something different with her hair about 5 times today. As much as she loved the whole message that Dove was conveying and was grateful and proud to be apart of this campaign, It was bringing back a lot of suppressed feelings and memories about all the hurtful comments that have been said about her in the past. It's hard not to think that they are true, playing on her insecurities and making her doubt herself and her capabilities. Turning off the faucet she's sees her phone light up with a txt.
S - Hey T how was your day ?
T- Good
S - What's wrong ?
T - Nothing
S - Come on beautiful what's up ?
T - Why do you call me that ?
S- Cause it's the truth
T - Pfftt, I think you need glasses
S - What happened today ?
T - Nothing ...Everything. Some days I look in the mirror and no matter how hard I look I can't see what you do when you look at me. There's so many other girls out there that are so much prettier and thinner and more graceful then me. I just don't know why you don't choose someone better.
S - What the hell Tess ? Seriously who got in your head today ? You listen here !!! There is NO ONE more gorgeous then you ! Others don't even compare !!! You are the whole package and I couldn't be happier to have spent the last 19 years with you.
S - You need to go have a bath and relax and get these crazy thoughts out of your head. Just remember one thing ... In my eyes your perfect and I will always choose you over any one else. Now bath and then bed, we have early practice tomorrow 😀 stop stressing and I love you xoxo
T - I love you too xoxo
Tessa put down her phone feeling a bit better, laying back in the bath closing her eyes and letting the hot water engulf her she can hear Scott's voice in her head "T, your beautiful " a tear rolled down her cheek as she let the memories take over.

They knew their first year at the senior level was going to be hard, they knew it was going to mean a lot more training hours and having to give up a lot of everyday things that kids get to do, but they were ready for it. What she never anticipated was the cruelness of the other female skaters in the change room. She knew it wasn't going to be the same as the junior level, here she was the youngest and the smallest and she wasn't naive to think they would welcome her with open arms but she never anticipated this either. Every competition it was something different. Sometimes it's the cruel comments and teasing, bringing her to tears more then once which just fuelled the fire. One time they hid her skates and caused her to panic so bad she hyperventilated before they gave them back, and now she always carried another outfit in a different bag just in case. The day that they soaked her dress in the shower she had spent an hour with it under the blow dryer doing everything in her power not to cry in front of them again as they laughed at her.
One day after a competition Scott stood outside the change room waiting for her. He was growing restless it was taking her forever. He pretended he didn't notice how the older girls came out of the change room looking at him and laughing. As one girl walked away he heard her mutter "Oh look the baby needs a baby sitter." Which set the girls off into another fit of giggles. Being done with waiting he knocked on the door and walked into the girls change room. He figured Tess was the only one left anyway. He never expected to find Tess curled up in the corner red faced from crying. Rushing to her and wrapping his arms around her he asked "Tess what's wrong?"
Which just made her cry harder. As she cried and sniffled she managed to get out most of what has been happening to her. The more she spoke the more angry he got. It was then that he looked at her locker area and saw all the nasty notes posted around it. " Do they do this all the time ?" He asked. She nodded.
Pulling her chin up so she was looking at him he looked her in the eye. " You should of told me, because I never want to see you cry like this. This ends today no more tears." Pulling her up off the floor standing her in front of the mirror standing behind her he points to the mirror.
" Look at me Tess" she meets his eyes in the mirror. " Your beautiful and these bitches are jealous. They know how strong you are and that your good enough to beat them and they're scared. Don't let them in your head, don't let them win. Your so much better then them." Nodding and turning around in his arms hugging him she whispered "Thanks Scotty" with a quick kiss to her forehead "Anytime kiddo, let's get out of here."
The next competition Tessa walked into the change room with her head held high determined not to let the other girls get to her. When she approached her locker area she stopped, her locker had a beautiful bouquet of pink roses in it. She grabbed the card off the flowers and smiled as she read the note from Scott. " Lets go kick some ass Beautiful, see you on the ice."

It was the summer finally after another long and difficult season. They were headed to the beach with their friends. This season had brought challenges again with Tessa having to have a second surgery on her shins. The big difference this time was Scott. This time he never left her side. He was there to listen as she told him how scared she was. "What if it doesn't work again ? then what were they going to do ?" He would wrap his arms around her and tell her that no matter happened they were in it together. He was there everyday in therapy to encourage her to keep going. He would lie on the table beside her and hold her hand when the pain from the therapy got to be just as bad as the pain before the surgery. Making her laugh till she forgot about the pain all together. When it came time for her to learn to walk again he was there waiting at the end of the bars with open arms and a "Come on beautiful, I need a hug." Her first day back on the ice was rough. She felt very unsure and wobbly. One misjudged step and she felt herself falling. Just before she hit the ground two arms caught her and put her back on her feet. "I've never let you fall Tess, I'm not going to start now. Let's try this again." Little by little it all came back and before she knew it her confidence on the ice was back. Off the ice however was a different story. Most days she didn't think about it, at the arena her legs were always covered up and she would always wait out the other girls before she showered and changed. When she was at home it didn't matter she was either by herself or with Scott and he paid her scars no attention so neither did she. Today was a different tho, this was the first time she was going to see everyone and they were at the beach so her legs would be on full display. As Scott come in from the water with the guys he looked at Tess up under the umbrellas with the girls. Everyone was in swimsuits laughing and lounging on the towels except Tess. She had her swim top on but she was wearing long pants. She looked uncomfortable. As he walked up to her he grabbed his towel and dried off a bit. Approaching the girls he knelt down in front of her dropping his towel and reaching for her hand. "Excuse me ladies but I'm stealing this one for a bit, come on let's go for a walk." They were about 5 min down the beach walking on the edge of the water when he finally caved "What's wrong Tess? This is suppose to be a fun relaxing day and you look like you'd rather be anywhere else. What's with the pants ? We are at the beach " Stoping and turning to face the water he almost didn't hear her say "I don't want them to see how ugly I am." Shocked Scott spun her around "Tessa Jane ! Not now nor ever do I want to hear you or anyone else for that matter associate the word ugly in the same sentence as you. It breaks my heart that you think that."
Seeing the look on his face she yanks her hand away " I don't want your pity or anyone else's for that matter. I face the fact every time I look at my legs that I'm damaged and nothing I do covers up the scars, they are always there." She turns to sit on a rock, wiping the tears off her face. Looking up at Scott, she can almost feel the anger vibrating off him. "You have no right to be mad." Kicking the sand in frustration " The hell I don't, I wouldn't let anyone talk about you this way, why would I let you. Do you know what I see when I see those scars Tess ?" Not waiting for her reply he continues " I see courage and determination and will. What you put yourself through for us took more courage then I will ever have. Watching you fight to get back on the ice almost broke me more then once. How can you say you look damaged and ugly ? Cause nothing could be farther from the truth." Standing her up " Don't let those scars define you, embrace them ! Show the world how strong you really are. I actually hope that they never fade completely, because they are apart of you Tess, they are just another thing that makes you beautiful."
Wiping the tears off both their cheeks, she places a quick kiss to his cheek, " You Scott Moir are 1 in a million and I love you for it. But your right they are a part of me and I shouldn't be ashamed of them." Bending so she could remove her pants to reveal the bottom of her suit she tossed them to her partner. " Come catch me Scott" she tossed over her shoulder as she ran towards the water. Standing at the waters edge watching her Scott thought to himself, one day this girl was going to be the death of him. Until then ........ She shrieked as he tackled her into the waves.

She was sitting in her living-room one night after practice, surrounded by papers with articles dissecting their new program for this year. She loved this program, it was probably one of her favourites that they had ever done. But here she sat going over every negative comment in her head. " Shes to thin, to waif" one article said, another said " She's to muscular, I know Carmen is suppose to be a strong character but she's not suppose to have more muscles then her partner." The worst one, said " Carmen is suppose to be a sexual character, how can a timid scared little girl portray that ? When you look at her the word sexy does not come to mind." This was the program that was suppose to take them to another gold at the World Championships before Sochi, how were they ever going to manage that when this is what people thought of her. Even the people at Skate Canada didn't believe in her, when they had submitted the costume designs for approval this year one lady had looked it over and then looked at her and said "Are you sure you can even pull this off ?" She doesn't remember who was more mad, her, Scott or Marina. Scott had pulled her away and told her that they were going to prove everyone wrong. As she was sitting there in her living room she didn't hear Scott come in until she heard "Tess, why do you do this to yourself ?"
"Cause I'm a perfectionist and I wanna try to take all the negative and use it to push myself. It's just harder then I thought it would be to turn hurtful comments into motivation." Sitting beside her on the floor lifting up some of the papers and sighing, he had to admit some of things people have said were pretty cruel. He quickly pulled a paper out of his pocket and placed it on the pile when she wasn't looking. He picked it up like it had always been there, "Well here's one that's not so bad. It's by Pj, and I quote" "Tessa and Scott's new Free Dance program Carmen has got to be my all time favourite version. Tessa has such a commanding presence on the ice. It also as Scott says puts Tessa in a new light. She is the ultimate Carmen he says. She's sexy, and gorgeous and the look in her eyes at the end of the performance is so instance it's a bit scary." As he stops reading and puts the paper back down with the rest, Tessa curls up beside him "How do you do that ? Make me feel so beautiful ? " Kissing her forehead he replies "Easy, I want you to see yourself how I see you. Now come on enough of this you promised me hot chocolate and a movie and I might even let you cuddle."

As he stands at the bar with Patrick, Andrew and Jeff waiting for the girls, he finds it hard to believe another season of Stars on ice done, it flew by just like they all do. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that they were all in Halifax trying to learn all the choreography for this season. Another reason Scott loved the tour was Tess. When they were on tour things definitely got interesting, and lines definitely got blurred. Hand holding lasted longer or really didn't stop to be honest. If they were near each other their hands were normally clasped together. The lingering looks got a little hotter and when they were on the ice, hands wandered, they may look like innocent touches but they linger longer then they should. They both get bolder when the lights go out on the ice as well. He himself has snuck in a kiss here or there at the end of a program, and he tends to place little kisses along her neck before the start of what's love got to do with it. He keeps going over what he wants to say to her tonight. He's tired of playing games he wants to stop blurring the lines. He wants to fully cross them once and for all. He spots her as soon as she walks in, and she takes his breath away. She's a vision in red tonight and he can't keep his eyes off her. She feels him before she sees him. She always gets this shiver down her spine when ever he's near. As she approaches him, she notices that his eyes never leave her. She walks up stands next to him and feels his arm wrap around her waist and pull her close. As they are standing there with their friends laughing and telling tour stories she hears a whispered "dance with me" in her ear. A simple nod of her head and she's being pulled onto the dance floor and into Scott's arms. He wraps his arm around her pulling her flush against him and her arms go around his neck automatically.
"Do you know how beautiful you look tonight ?" He asks
"I wanted to look hot for you " she replied feeling bold, must of been the drinks she had.
" Oh you succeeded " he smiled. " Tess, I don't know how to say this so I'm just going to say it. I don't want to play games anymore. I'm ready to take a chance on us once and for all. We are about to start on a new adventure in Montreal and I wanna do it as a couple."
Looking him in the eye she asks "Really ?"
Laughing " Yes really, I know it's going to be a big change but I'm ready. "
Sneaking a quick look at their friends who were distracted, she kisses him. It was quick but spoke volumes. She too was ready. Dropping a quick kiss to her neck and pulling her off the dance floor with a huge grin on his face " Let's get out of here."

"Tess, come on we are going to be late " Scott called down the hall to Tess. They were due to be at a wedding of one of his friends in 30 min and they still had to drive a bit to get there. They were home from Montreal for the weekend and decided to crash at his parents place. It was harder then he thought it would be to watch her go to the spare room last night instead of his own. He wasn't used to sleeping without her anymore, but they had decided not to say anything to anyone yet, not even family. It's been a couple months now since that gala dinner after stars on ice that changed everything and they weren't going back. He honestly doesn't know how he went all these years without having her in every possible way. He was an idiot that's for sure, but as they've said maybe this was when it was suppose to happen. They are older now, more mature and can handle everything that comes with dealing with a relationship at this point in their career and lives. Looking down at his watch again he shakes his head "Tess, we ......" He stops mid sentence and stares. Looking at her he was lost" uhhh, ummm, ahh, wow" he finally managed to get out. Walking towards him Tessa giggled. Turning very slowly she asked "You like ?" He answered by crushing his lips to hers. Pulling back he whispered " Your going to show up the bride". Swatting his shoulder and smiling Tessa shook her head. "Honestly Tess, that red dress you wore a few months ago took my breath away, but this black dress, almost brought me to my knees. I didn't think it was possible for you to get more beautiful. If I wasn't the MC tonight we wouldn't be going, cause I'd really like to go back into the bedroom and stay there for the rest of the night."
Blushing Tessa pulled him towards the door " Come on handsome you promised me a dance tonight". As they reached the door Scott snuck in one last kiss and whispered " Don't let go of my hand tonight, someone might try to steal you away." Holding up their clasped hands she grinned" Theres no where else I'd rather be."

Tessa got out of the bath, dried off and put on one of Scott's old t-shirts ready to climb into bed. As she came out of the bathroom she noticed Scott laying on the bed.
"Hey "
"What are you doing here ?"
Scott sits up on the edge of the bed, reaches for her hand and pulls her between his legs " you sounded like you needed me, so here I am."
Hugging him she whispered "I always need you."
Rubbing her back for a few seconds he pulls back and cups her cheek and looks her in the eye. " Tess, being with you day in and day out I get to see every version of you that you put out there, and I love every single one but do you know which one is my favourite ?" She shakes her head no. " This one, looking at you right now with your hair down and no make up on, and wearing my shirt that barely comes down your thighs, you have never looked more beautiful, I'm a very lucky guy."
Wiping a tear off her cheek, he pulls her down into a kiss. Getting lost in the kiss he wraps his arms around her and rolls back on the bed and under the covers. Feeling his arms wrap around her from behind she snuggles deep into him.
" you always make me feel better "
"That's what I'm here for, if you haven't figured it out yet Tess your it for me. This is my end game. I love you and I'll tell you how beautiful you are every day if you need me too."
Looking in to his eyes, Tessa smiles. "I love you too."

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This is so cute!! I love it!!!

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