it's a Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir lovefest!

no one can resist their epic cuteness

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faithful friends who are dear to us (gather near to us)
flickmirror wrote in virtuemoir
“Knock knock!” Kaitlyn announced to the room, awkwardly shuffling in.

An exhausted but ecstatic looking Scott Moir appeared from behind a curtain hurrying over to meet her before pulling her into a large hug. "Thanks so much for coming, sorry it was such short notice."

She took in his dark circles and slight stubble trying not to giggle at the fact she was seeing a disheveled Scott in the flesh. "You look good daddy." She joked, watching as a smile lit up his face (almost erasing all the traces of weariness on his face.)

"Kaitlyn is that you?"

He gave her a quick smile before lifting up the curtain to lead her inside.

Propped up among a clump of pillow lay her tired albeit happy best friend.

"Tess you look great!"

The brunette rolled her eyes, gesturing her over for a hug. "I look like I just skated through 4 programs nonstop for the first time in months but thank you."

"How are you feeling?"

"Sore and tired but good." Kaitlyn watched as Scott resumed his position next to her side, their hands twining together. (It still took her every cell in her body not to squeal with delight every time she saw them do something cute. They'd been married three years and she still couldn't help herself.)

"Where's Andrew?"

"He's valeting the car." She bounced in her seat nervously, the energy practically bubbling out of her.

An awkward silence settled between the two before another knock broke it. A stout nurse appeared, rolling a small plastic bassinets in front of her.

"I have someone who was looking for you two."

Kaitlyn watched awestruck as the nurse picked up the tiny bundle (it couldn't have been any bigger than her forearm) and placed it into Tessa's arm.

If she thought both of them were in love before, she felt almost choked by it now.

"Kaitlyn I think someone would like to meet you." Scott caressed the newborn's cheek, completely enamored.

She stood, slowly ambling to the bed. A small whimper rang out and Tessa laughed. "I know I know sweetheart. Emmy, meet your aunt Kaitlyn. Kait, meet Amelia Grace Moir."

The soft little bundle was placed into her arms, careful to mind the head. She'd almost burst into tears had it not been for the fact that she was trying to focus on making sure she had a firm grip on the infant. "Oh my gosh guys." She sniffled. "She's beautiful."

Beautiful she was. Amelia was definitely a Moir with a small Scott like nose and small Scott ears (it was funny how she really was a doll version of her father.) But Kaitlyn could see Tessa in the eyes (they both claimed at the moment she had blue eyes like most babies but they would certainly turn the rich brown Tessa had) and cheeks. She even had a tiny tuft of reddish brown hair that reminded her of some of the photos she saw of the youngest Virtue.

"She looks just like her beautiful mom."

"She's literally your carbon copy." Tessa sighed dramatically. "All her father, straight down to the loudness and eating habits."

"Oh great another Moir in the world?" Andrew's deep voice startled Kaitlyn from her thoughts. "And here I thought we'd be free from more competition."

Scott chuckled. "Just you wait Poje she'll be winning medals in no time."

"Alright boys let's not already choose her path. For all we know she might not even want to ice skate."

Scott gasped in mock hurt. "Tessa, that's a sacrilege to this family!" The two continued to bicker as Andrew made his way over to Kaitlyn.

"Look at you. Auntie... It has a nice ring to it."

Kaitlyn ignored him, continuing to marvel at the baby. "Look at her Andrew. She's so freaking cute I don't want to let her go." The newborn shifted slightly causing Kaitlyn to reposition her. "I want one."

Andrew smiled, "Another time Kait. Have you given them their gift?"

"No it's in my bag. Can you grab it?"

"You two didn't have to get us anything you know." It seemed as if the they had finished their argument, smirking at the two as they watched their interaction.

"This is special." Amelia gave a little cry as Kaitlyn unwillingly handed her to Scott. "This my little niece is an elephant." Andrew handed her the plushy grey animal, which she put on the side table. "Your mom and I used to talk about how we were ballerinas and elephants or something like that."

"Oh Kait--"

"I hate to break this up but I think someone is getting kind of impatient for dinner."Scott had begun to bounce on the balls of his feet, trying to stop the weak cries from getting louder.

"We should get going. Congrats guys, she's beautiful."

Tessa pulled Kaitlyn toward her, careful to not hurt herself. "Thank you, I bet she'll love it."

Kaitlyn smiled into the hug. "She's really beautiful Tess. I'm so proud of you."

"You know. We started in the same position." She winked before Scott shoed them out (luckily right before Amelia had broken out into full throated wails.)

By the elevator the time they had reached the elevator, the were swinging their linked hands back and forth. "Give me two years. Then we can think about it."

She smiled, leaning into his shoulder. "Take all the time you need."

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