it's a Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir lovefest!

no one can resist their epic cuteness

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We Keep This Love In A Photograph
catscanfangirl wrote in virtuemoir
Okay, This is a promt in reply to laureaaa because of her brilliant idea for a summer fic fest.

Anyway my promt is for a very fluffy, cute and funny (and rather cheesy) fic called We Keep This Love In A Photograph where Tessa and Scott are going through photos of their whole career before Sochi (I know, I know. I like to live in the past sometimes)

Cute video of them to the song:

I highly recomend watching it and that's it basically it for now.

Bye angelfaces

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Love, love, LOVE the prompt (especially as Photograph has been my favorite song ever since it was released last (??) year). I've lost a lot of inspiration for Tess/Scotty, but this just gave me a couple ideas to go off of, so thank you!! x

You're welcome, anything i can do to keep the ship sailing

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