it's a Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir lovefest!

no one can resist their epic cuteness

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2010 prompt
catscanfangirl wrote in virtuemoir
I've always wondered why there was no 2010 fanfics on here. Probably because nobody has thought about it until now. I think that if someone DOES make one that it will be AMAZING. I was thinking of doing it but I have you love him, don't you to worry about (I'm almost done)

Need something to get the ideas flowin' ?

I suggest that you skip to the part where Tessa and Scott are skating

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To see older fanfics from 2010,2011... You can go under the calendar and go under 2010 and pick the date to see older story's and pics and stuff

I actually wrote a bunch, they are just hard to find. You have to use the calendar method or just keep going back in the fanfics tag...which is a lot since its been like 5 years lol.

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